Song Lyrics

“Minimum Wage Jobs”

This is for comin to terms with who you are
like if you make minimum wage
and can’t live like a movie star…

With so many vigorous tests, you will fail
if you aren’t invigorated and at your best
you’ll get eliminated and vexed
The goal should be to be blessed
but so many flex
It’s easy to see, cause if they want it they’ll get it
and once they got it they flaunt it
which shows me that they don’t really want it
or even need it to survive
swallow your pride
just like a drink – I’ll mix the tonic that’ll keep you alive
But it tastes like crap
Yeah I know, it’s the truth, and it tastes like that
Grab a hold of our destiny, we control our own fates
It’s in the palm of our hands
I’ll demonstrate with the mic in my hand
at peace and I’m set
as of yet I did deflect the “butterfly effect”


Yo, take a step into a new direction
exit the blue dimension
enter this new perception with a few ah’s and ooh’s
Zoom as you stroll through these avenues
and make room for yourself to bloom a bit more
explore like Daniel Boom
push the pedal to the floor
send the devil to the morgue
with your headlights on as you race it to the shore
Feel a little bit of mystery
cause history’s gotten us to believe
we cannot do what we can do just what we’ve seen
Energy’s needed like the DJ on his 1’s and 2’s
switchin it up with the switcheroo’s It’s –
so obvious, there’s undeniable clues
No benefits if you just sit down and watch the news
cause you can tell who’s!
destined to lose, who’s righteous who’s wicked
Who’s sick in the mind
Who’s got time to waste on this
corrupt abyss ha!
I’d rather pursue heavenly bliss
and that’s what I do cause I view life as a gift
And in one day it will happen like the flick of a wrist
You’ll see it’s not about the money, you’ll see through
the mist


Material things make the world go round go round


And I can’t work a 9 to 5 without wastin my time
and losin my mind
The only reason why I work is so I get green
so I can put gas in my car you know what I mean
I don’t know about you, but I know me
I can’t stand a day in monotony
Can’t do a job for someone else
So that’s why I do it for myself
But yo, it’s not all about money
Yo, it’s not all about money
Things change, ain’t that funny?
This is for comin’ to terms with these two honeys
One I couldn’t see even if it were sunny
The other one acted like a “Playboy Bunny”
There was another one – and she was so damn yummy
And none of them really cared about money
Which is beautiful, and makes my world so colorful

Sometimes I dream about cars and being a rockstar


“Down the Road”

Hey yo I’m made complete with a woman in the
passenger seat
askin me to turn up the heat
on the way to her favorite place to get a
bite to eat
where the wine is top dollar and they got
the finest cuts of meat
where the waiter doesn’t miss a beat
so we can chill and just rest our feet
And I don’t mind if she orders for me
cause when we dine she glows
in the red candle light
She’s so fine, she knows she’s mine tonight
She looks in my eyes and yo she looks like
She wants, she wants it soon
But I don’t really know
I’m trying not to assume
So I turn my head and I stare at the moon
it looked real bright
and her eyes were dark in this moonlit night
and then her eyes had a spark they stole the
moon’s light
Looked into her eyes and I could see her sights
It was somethin I’d never forget
I was her for a minute O! what a trip
I tried to let my memory slip
But it wouldn’t slip it wouldn’t leave
I couldn’t breathe I wish I had a trick up my sleeve
it happened almost instantly
I was back to me so need for tricks
I guess I just tripped
This girl I couldn’t quit

Welcome to my abode
It’s just down the road
We got it, so easy so easy
But I don’t got no phone
So to reach me just come and reach me

From now on, we’re just gonna coast
We don’t know if we’ll work
So I will never boast or be a jerk
And don’t ever roast me like a celebrity
Because I got feelings inside of my soul
And they got my heart and yours a hold
Your lungs breathe deeply
and that keeps me so calm
With my last breath I’d say your the best
I love you, you’re the bomb
The bomb – and so
without a care we bumped into a chair
I’m sorry sir I didn’t see you there
Sure he was pissed, I wish we had missed
You know the type
The one’s who get mad so they bite because
they think that they’re always right
I took the lead and we moved to the beat
got dizzy in circles with my busy feet
looked into her eyes to see what she saw:
the chandelier, the piano player
the band behind him with the string set of men
that play sweet just like all the sweet smells
of her hair
She wants to get near
and I get so close
We danced and we danced
Yo we danced the most



A rose, a beautiful rose
I suppose if I gave you this rose
You’d be tempted to take off your clothes
This rose put it under your nose, then pose
Look at the camera, expose
every inch from your head to your toes
We’ll keep the door closed
and shoot this like pros
after you take of those pantyhose
This rose, this is the one that I chose
for you because when I first saw it
I froze
I saw the way it truly glows
and now when you hold it girl, it really
So, let’s just see how it goes
This is for me and you nobody knows