Born and raised in the small town of Burlington, Vermont Cisco Kid has been making music since he and his cousin Tony made bedroom recordings on a “Talkboy”. Their shenanigans turned into attempts at making real music some years later and at the age of 12 Cisco, Justin Hickok got his first guitar. He practiced until his fingers bled and taught himself the basics of guitar.  After chatting with his friend Matt online he decided to buy a Tascam 4-track cassette recorder. The fun begins. He bought microphones, numerous cassettes and upgraded to a fender strat and amp. Though experimental and somewhat all over the place, his music showed promise; his talent shown through. His cousin (the one whom he made funny Talkboy recordings with) began producing and rapping. This inspired Cisco Kid to get into hip hop music. He came up with the name Cisco Kid from the only rap song by Sublime of that name.  You got to understand Sublime was Justin’s introduction to music, it was his first major influence. So, as a freshman at Burlington High School Cisco Kid put out his very first album called “Buena Suerte”, meaning good luck in Spanish. Only a few copies of this album exist which he gave out to close friends. Later on he recorded a longer full length CD called “Swans in my Mind”. It was pretty good but not professional yet. He got mixed feedback.  Most of it was positive. Cisco fell in love with many girls in high school and experimented with psychotropic drugs. This fueled his creativity to record “Not in Kansas Anymore”, an entire album dedicated to his first love, Kylee Snow. He performed this album after graduating at Radio Bean and Manhattan Pizza Open mics. A few years later Justin began experimenting with more exotic, dreamy textures and moods. He found out about through his friend Jason Kennedy and decided to put out an album.  His first real album was put out this year called “Fattie Boom Boom!” It is now available on iTunes! Justin Hickok or the Cisco Kid has come a long way from bed room recordings and just fooling around. His music showcases rare talent and to say it is authentic is a bit of an understatement. If you are looking for something to just sit back and listen to that is real and imaginative then you have come to the right place.

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